The Healing Touch: Hemp Oil vs. Coconut Oil

Hemp Oil vs. Coconut Oil

In the ever-evolving world of natural remedies and dietary supplements, hemp oil and coconut oil have emerged as prominent frontrunners. With distinct origins, characteristics, and benefits, each oil offers unique therapeutic advantages. In this exploration, we will delve into the details of each, weighing their pros and cons while highlighting their healthful properties.

Hemp Oil vs. Coconut Oil

CharacteristicHemp OilCoconut Oil
OriginSeeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa)Copra, the meat of mature coconuts
ColorGreenish-yellowWhite or light yellow
FlavorNutty, earthyMild, coconutty
Smoke point315°F (160°C)400°F (204°C)
Fatty acid profileOmega-3 fatty acids (68%), omega-6 fatty acids (23%), saturated fatty acids (9%)Saturated fatty acids (92%), monounsaturated fatty acids (6%), polyunsaturated fatty acids (2%)
Nutritional valueGood source of vitamin E, vitamin B1, magnesium, and potassiumGood source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)
Common usesCulinary oil, skincare product, dietary supplementCulinary oil, skincare product, hair care product

A Brief Introduction

Hemp Oil:

Derived from the seeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids, protein, and other beneficial nutrients. It’s vital to distinguish between hemp oil and CBD oil, the latter being extracted from hemp’s leaves and flowers and is known for its therapeutic cannabinoids.

Coconut Oil:

Extracted from the meat or kernel of mature coconuts, coconut oil has been a staple in tropical regions for centuries. Its impressive range of fatty acids and proven health benefits make it a favorite in both culinary and cosmetic applications.

Health Benefits & Uses

Hemp Oil:

  1. Nutrient-Rich Profile: Hemp oil is a significant source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vital for heart health and inflammation reduction.
  2. Skin Health: Its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties make hemp oil a favored choice for skin care, offering relief from skin disorders like eczema.
  3. Brain Function: The presence of essential fatty acids in hemp oil promotes brain health and cognitive functions.

Coconut Oil:

  1. Lauric Acid Magic: Coconut oil contains lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties, helping combat harmful pathogens.
  2. Metabolic Boost: Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil can increase the number of calories your body burns compared with longer-chain fats.
  3. Hair and Skin Savior: Its moisturizing abilities make it a popular choice for hair masks and skin moisturizers.

The Debate: Which Oil Reigns Supreme?

The contest between hemp oil and coconut oil isn’t about establishing superiority but appreciating diversity. Each oil serves different health goals. While hemp oil offers a nutrient-dense profile ideal for those seeking a dietary boost, coconut oil’s broad applications make it an all-rounder in the kitchen and beauty routine.

Hemp Oil vs. Coconut Oil: The Tale of Two Oils

The vibrant city of Vancouver, with its breathtaking mountains and endless ocean views, was also a hub of health and wellness enthusiasts. It was here, in the heart of this eclectic city, that my journey with hemp oil and coconut oil began.

It all started with my insatiable quest for the perfect skin moisturizer. The changing seasons, especially the cold winter winds, wreaked havoc on my skin, leaving it dry and lifeless. As someone who believed in natural remedies, I was determined to find an organic solution.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I decided to visit the famous Granville Island Market. Amidst the stalls selling fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delectable treats, I stumbled upon a quaint booth selling organic oils. Intrigued, I approached the stall, where a friendly woman named Ava greeted me.

Spotting my interest, Ava began explaining the benefits of two of her best-selling products: hemp oil and coconut oil. She described hemp oil as a powerhouse of essential fatty acids, which not only moisturized the skin but also balanced oil production. On the other hand, coconut oil, she said, was a rich emollient that deeply hydrated and protected the skin.

With both oils sounding so beneficial, I found myself in a dilemma. Which one should I choose?

Seeing my indecision, Ava handed me two small samples, encouraging me to try both at home. “Let your skin decide,” she winked.

That evening, after a warm shower, I decided to put the hemp oil to the test. I gently massaged it into my skin, appreciating its light texture and earthy scent. My skin seemed to drink it up, leaving it soft and supple. The next day, I opted for the coconut oil, loving its creamy consistency and tropical aroma.

Over the next couple of weeks, I alternated between the two oils, noting the differences and similarities. I observed that hemp oil was more absorbent and regulated my skin’s natural oil production. It felt balancing and especially soothing on any inflamed areas. Coconut oil, on the other hand, provided a protective barrier, locking in moisture and making my skin glow.

As days turned into weeks, I realized that while both oils had unique benefits, they complemented each other beautifully. While hemp oil was perfect for daytime use, giving my skin a balanced feel, coconut oil became my go-to for nighttime, ensuring I woke up with deeply moisturized and radiant skin.

One month later, I returned to Ava’s booth, not to choose between hemp or coconut oil but to purchase full-sized bottles of both.

Today, as I stand in front of my mirror, admiring the health of my skin, I’m grateful for that serendipitous encounter at Granville Island Market. It taught me that sometimes, in the world of natural remedies, there’s no need to choose. Nature, in its abundance, provides us with a plethora of options, each with its unique charm and benefit.


Whether you gravitate towards hemp oil for its rich nutrient content or lean on coconut oil for its versatility, it’s undeniable that both oils possess unique attributes making them worthy of consideration in our daily lives. While hemp oil shines in nutritional profile, coconut oil’s versatility in culinary and cosmetic applications is unparalleled.

The ultimate choice rests with individual needs and preferences. However, one thing remains certain: In the dance of nature’s healing touch, both hemp oil and coconut oil lead with grace, health, and vigor.

Note: Always consult with healthcare professionals before incorporating any new supplement into your diet or routine. This article is based on well-researched sources and aims to offer a general overview, not medical advice.

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